Oysterville Church

Oysterville ChurchThe Oysterville Church was a gift to the community from founder, R.H. Espy, who donated the land and money for construction in 1892.  Over a hundred years later the picturesque little church of Oysterville continues to welcome visitors with open doors.  Hundreds of visitors from all over the world sign the guest book every year as they pick up a Walking Tour and enjoy the quiet of the village.  The "poor box", located in the church vestibule, has long been a reliable source of revenue, helping to pay for the historic structure's ongoing maintenance.

Church Rental

The church is available for rent for weddings and other events.  If you are interested in renting the Oysterville Church for your special event, contact Vicki Carter for more information about our rental fee and policies.

Please note: For events held after Jan. 1, 2024, the rental fee is $500.

Email Vicki Carter at fredcvicki@aol.com or call (360) 749-9630.
Download Church Rental Information
Check availability on the ORF Calendar page. 

Summer Vespers

The Vespers season runs from Father's Day through Labor Day.  Services are on Sundays at 3 p.m. at the church. Enjoy music, company, and stories from Oysterville residents and friends as they share a special “Oysterville Moment”. All are welcome to attend.


The church is a vital community center for the village and often serves as a gathering place for celebrations and town business meetings.  It is the focus of ORF’s resources and all proceeds collected from the poor box, vespers services, and rentals are prioritized for its upkeep.  ORF also maintains several open spaces throughout the village.