Oysterville Design Review Board

According to the official Pacific County website, the Oysterville Design Review Board (ODRB) "is designated by the Board of County Commissioners as the official body to review all architectural and historical preservation matters related to physical construction within the boundaries of the Oysterville Historic District. The Oysterville Historic District and the Review Board are governed by the provisions of Pacific County Ordinance No. 131 adopted on September 7, 1993. It is the intent and purpose of this ordinance to preserve and enhance the heritage of Oysterville through regulatory controls which will serve to implement the accompanying design review guidelines.

The Department of Community Development serves as the coordinating agency for the Oysterville Design Review Board. Each board member is appointed to a 4 year term and can only serve 2 terms consecutively.

ORF provides financial and administrative support to the ODRB, otherwise the organizations are independent of one another.

If you have any questions about the ODRB, please call Pacific County's Department of Community Development at (360) 875-9356 or (360) 642-9382.