ORF Membership

ORF Members are people who feel it is important to preserve our past as a way of creating meaingful continuity through time with our community and our environment. Oysterville is not a museum or theme park, but a vital community rooted in history and planning for the future. Anyone can become a Supporting Member of the Oysterville Restoration Foundation. People who own property within the National Historic District can become Voting Members.

Voting Membership dues are $30 per person. Note: there is a limit to 3 voting members per household.
Supporting Membship dues are $30 per household.

Oysterville Schoolhouse

Click here to download a PDF version of the ORF Membership Form.

Your completed membership form and check made out to the Oysterville Restoration Foundation may be mailed to:

The Oysterville Restoration Foundation
P.O. Box 71
Oysterville, WA 98641

Our Annual Membership Meeting is held Memorial Day weekend and is open to the public.