Winter & Spring Newsletter 2015

February 2, 2015 by Amy Wachsmuth

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ORF Newsletter
Chairman’s Message
We are pleased to introduce the first of our new biannual newsletters for Oysterville Restoration Foundation (ORF) members and friends. We encourage you to share this e-publication with anyone interested in the Oysterville National Historic District and welcome you to contact us at with comments or questions.
—Tucker Wachsmuth · President, Oysterville Restoration Foundation

Who is an ORF Member?
If you are property owner within the National Historic District of Oysterville, then you are a member of ORF, regardless of the antiquity of your home. Lucky you! Property owners may become voting members by paying $30 in annual dues to ORF.

Annual Meeting
The annual meeting is May 23rd, 10 a.m. at the church. All ORF members are invited, only paid members may vote. See you then!

Vespers 2015
The Vespers season runs from Father’s Day to Labor Day, (June 21st through September 6th.) Vesper services are at 3 p.m. at the Oysterville church. Enjoy music, excellent company, and stories from Oysterville residents and friends as they share a special “Oysterville Moment”. A lovely way to spend a summer afternoon, indeed. All are welcome to attend. Feel free to spread the word!

Cherry Trees Along Territory Road
The ornamental cherry trees along Territory Road are on the chopping block—literally. We propose removing all the trees, except the Heckes memorial tree and plaque, for the following reasons:
  • With the exception of the Heckes tree, they need a lot of maintenance.
  • The trees are too close to the fence, and tend to overhang the road.
  • The trees block the view of the school from Territory Road.
We would appreciate your opinion and ideas regarding this proposal.

Church Outhouse
Construction of the new facade for the porta-potty is nearly complete. This was a joint effort with Oysterville Water. When they installed the remote water monitor, they extended the concrete slab to provide a sturdy platform for the outhouse. In addition, Oysterville Water has recently installed a drain that runs to the rhododendrons for the continual drip that the water monitor requires.

Your Board Members
Tucker Wachsmuth · Sydney Stevens · Nyel Stevens · Amy Wachsmuth · Paul Staub

Contact ORF: · P.0. Box 71 Oysterville, WA 98641 · facebook

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