The ORF Trustees

The ORF Board is made up five trustees. Trustees are elected by the membership for three-year terms, which may be renewed. A trustee must own property within the National Historic District.  Specific board roles are voted on by the trustees.

The current trustees are:

Catherine Freshley
Colin Staub  
Charley Wachsmuth 
Tom Kepner
Anna Spooner

 If you are interested in serving on the ORF Board, please attend the Annual ORF Membership Meeting (10:00 a.m. Saturday of Memorial Day weekend at the Oysterville Church). Names will be voted on by the membership in attendance.

The trustees are supported in their efforts by members of the community who serve on both ad hoc and standing committees. We are always in need of volunteers. Please contact any of the trustees if you are interested in participating in some capacity.

This website is maintained by Amy Wachsmuth under the direction of the board.  Also we are grateful to Vicki Carter for her role as Church Scheduler, and Todd Wiegardt, Chris Freshley, and Larry Freshley for their work in refreshing and maintaining the landscaped areas of ORF's properties, including the village entrance and the church grounds.