ORF's Role in Oysterville

Oysterville ChurchShortly after the village was placed on The National Register of Historic Places in 1976, the community formed the Oysterville Restoration Foundation. Its purpose is "to maintain, repair and aid in the preservation and restoration of buildings and sites of national historic interest located in the Oysterville National Historic District, and to do all matters of business incidental thereto." Thus far, maintenance and repair using ORF funds have been limited to the Oysterville Church and to the several parcels of open space which come under the stewardship of the Foundation. Preservation and care of private property, including historic homes and other buildings in the National Historic District, is the responsibility of the individual property owners.

Financial support for the Foundation is through grants, individual cash donations, proceeds from the rentals of the church and offerings during summer Vespers services.

In the past, donations have helped us make essential repairs to the church, replace the picket fence, maintain the church grounds and other open spaces managed by ORF, care for the landmark Monterey Cypress trees along Territory Road, maintain the informational signage throughout the Historic District, and much, much more.  


ORF Members are people who feel it is important to preserve our past as a way of creating meaningful continuity through time with our community and our environment. Oysterville is a vital community rooted in history and planning for the future. Anyone can become a Supporting Member of the Oysterville Restoration Foundation. People who own property within the National Historic District can become Voting Members.

Voting Membership dues are $30 per person. Note: there is a limit to 3 voting members per household.

Supporting Membership dues are $30 per household.

Click here to download a PDF version of the ORF Membership Form.

Your completed membership form and check made out to the Oysterville Restoration Foundation may be mailed to:
Oysterville Restoration Foundation
P.O. Box 71
Oysterville, WA 98641

Our Annual Membership Meeting is held Memorial Day weekend and is open to the public. Visit our calendar for the time and location.


Your involvement in issues of concern to this community are also greatly appreciated. ORF is actively engaged with members of the Pacific County Planning Commission, and with the Department of Community Development to preserve and strengthen existing protections for Oysterville. We are always grateful for your letters of support sent to the County Commissioners, expressing your appreciation for Oysterville and asking them to maintain existing protections for this unique area. Please send letters to:

Board of County Commissioners
Care of: Marie Guernsey
P.O. Box 187
South Bend, WA 98586