Planning Ahead to Protect the Past

In 2006, the ORF Trustees drafted and adopted a Strategic Plan to help clarify the Foundation's priorities and guide their efforts. The Strategic Plan identifies seven key areas of concern:

1. Preserve Historic Structures
2. Preserve Natural Environment
3. Work with state and local governments to maintain and strengthen protection for the District and environs
4. Outreach
5. Operations
6. One Big Thing Every 2-5 Years
7. Fundraising & Finances

The Board attempts to make progress in all of these areas by considering how any given project or priority might advance more than one goal at a time.

ORF is always focused on up-keep of the properties in our direct care: the Oysterville Church, "The Meadow", "The Y" at the entrance to the National Historic District, and various undeveloped properties throughout the village. In addition, we look after the other natural and manmade treasures of the District. Much of our energy goes toward working with the Oysterville Design Review Board, members of the Pacific County Planning Commission, and with the Department of Community Development to preserve and strengthen existing protections for Oysterville.

We are grateful for letters of support sent to the Pacific County Commissioners, expressing your appreciation for Oysterville and asking them to maintain existing protections for this unique area. You can send your letters to:

Board of County Commissioners
Care of: Kathy Noren
P.O. Box 187
South Bend, WA 98586